Rent a car in Uganda to make your tip convenient

Many people normally take trips to enjoy the ecstasy of peacefulness and stillness as this cannot be enjoyed when you are working. So everything that is attached to the person’s trip must be stress relieving and leisurely. But some people yield the otherwise due to the choices they make when traveling as some choose to use public transport due to its cheapness forgetting it can ruin their trips as this means of transport is very hectic and annoying some times. One has to wait for the bus or taxi to take him/her to the preferred destination and one has to deal with other nagging passengers who may be doing some antics one may not like. The only way to avoid that stress is by renting a car to make your trip convenient for you and enjoyable. It becomes even more interesting when you opt for a self drive in Uganda because you get the chance of traveling to any destination in the country all by yourself.


The following are the advantages of renting a car for your trip
The car will be waiting to pick you up from the airport after your flight to take to the hotel or any other place you may wish if you rent a car. But for other cases you will have to wait for the taxi or at times you will have to look for the shuttle to set off which can tend to be wastage of time and also very stressing.

You do not have to be worried of how you going to reach your destination in Uganda as you will be having a chauffeur who knows all the routes that can lead you to the destination without any hassle and also in case you are using self drive car hire Uganda, the car rental company normally provides with a gps navigator that can help you get the bearings of the area or destination you are traveling to.

You have no time restriction when you rent a car. You are able to drive or go to any destination at any time you may wish for. There is no timetable to which you are supposed to start off your journey or to be in any place. You are your own guide and timer.

When you rent a car, you can have a vehicle of your choice. You cannot be forced to travel in the vehicle you may not like, for example if you making a family trip, you are offered a vehicle that is spacious enough to accommodate the family members you are traveling with. If you are want to cruise in a luxury vehicle you can have it provided provided you have the resources that can pay for it.


On the Road with the best car hire company

When it comes to hiring a car in Uganda, there are very many companies from which one can rent a car and also acquire one. However, few of these companies satisfy the customer’s needs adequately as there are some which are just after money and not service delivery. This is why tourists should be very careful when making certain decisions like where to hire a car from. Last year, there was a scenario where a client lost her money as a result of using a wrong company. She sent her money to a certain company for booking a car when she visits Uganda but on her surprise, she never got a single reply from the company after sending her money. They had already stolen her money and that was how she lost it. She then contacted us on our website and she narrated how she was robed off her money by thugs on the internet. We were sorry for her and advised her to always think twice before making any online arrangement with any company. We also advised her to always inquire with numerous companies and choose the best one. She found out that our company was the best to use and she later changed her plans and traveled with us. In her plans, she wanted a Uganda self drive and lucky enough, our company was the best place she could find this offer. She booked a 4×4 Rav4 for seven days in Uganda and she got it immediately.

I am not trying to say that there are no other good car hire companies in Uganda. All am trying to say that you should always pick out the most reliable company and one that has been in the field for a long time. We meet all these credentials and our reviews speak for themselves on the various tourism portals. We have arranged Uganda safaris for different clients and they have always enjoyed their trips to the maximum.

What we exactly offer?
Car Hire; – We have a wide fleet of cars from which clients can choose to rent. We always make sure that we service our cars so that our customers get quality services and travel safely to their destinations. Our cars are in good conditions to travel with to both long and small distance.
Uganda Safaris; – On top of renting our cars, we also help organize Uganda safaris for people from anywhere in the world. We have a well experienced team put in place to organize these trips to any part of the country. Some of the trips we organize include; gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife tours, cultural tours, nature walks, bird watching trips and many more. We ensure that maximum attention is given to our clients when organizing these trips and we allow them customize their safaris according to their needs.
Guiding services; – We have well trained guides in the company whose job is to help tourists locate where they want to go in Uganda. They also help those interested in Uganda self drive services to locate where to go and the best roads to use.

How to prepare for a Gorilla Tracking Tour

How to prepare for a Gorilla Tracking Tour

Gorilla tracking is one of the major tourist attractions in the countries where these apes live, only three countries in the world inhabit these remaining mountain gorillas that are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo. Mountain gorillas are known as endangered species, that is to say there are 900 estimated individuals left in the whole world. For those thinking of being part of the experience some input must be considered before and after the activity. Visiting gorillas deep in the forest in their natural habitat is a thrilling adventure one can never forget. A Uganda Safari that stretches to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where these rare primates live is remarkably rewarding.

One of the chief principal for enjoying this activity is to prepare very well in advance for gorilla trek either in Rwanda, Uganda or DRC in advance and also carry out research about the best country for tracking, best time to go for gorilla tracking, the costs incurred and the tour operator/travel company to use in organizing your gorilla safari, things to pack and many more. After identifying your travel dates, month and year and also the mountain gorilla destination, write to different tour and travel company to advice you on the gorilla permit availability on that stated dates of travel, because since gorilla tracking is one of the best done tourist activities on earth at times permits get finished so early, so you may find that permits are not available on that particular date you need to trek so, to avoid disappointments, it’s better to book in time. After writing to that particular company or tour operator he/she will cross check with the Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda or Rwanda Development Board (RDB) who will confirm with the tour operator the availability of gorilla permit on that particular date. If the permits are not available still you will be referred to another date. Now in case the permits are available you tour operator will notify you through writing to you on an email, and he will request you to send the permit fees so that he/she can go ahead and book your gorilla tracking permit.

Permits are on a very high demand they are issued on first come first served basis, the earlier you secure your gorilla tracking permit the better.These permits in Uganda cost USD 600 in the high season and usd$350 in the low seasons of April, May and September. In Rwanda permits are at a fee of usd$ 750 and in the Democratic Republic of Congo they cost usd $ 450 and this fees apply to per person per tracking. So after paying that amount your permit will be paid and you will be sent a confirmation massage with an attached prof of payment receipt, and after you will be asked to send your passport details including your date of birth in order to secure your permit.

No extra money will be charged if you’re booking the whole safari with that particular company, unless you only need a gorilla permit that’s when a fee of about USD 50 will be charged for that particular company to work upon your permit. After this is done you will be waiting for your tracking date and time to meet these giant face to face. However you are remaindered to come with tracking gears like sturdy pairs of walking shoes/boots to make you comfortable in the forest since tracking is done in the forest sometimes its muddy with sleepy slopes; don’t forget also to come with long sleeved shirts or blouses, camera(flash camera are not allowed in taking photography) a bag to carry your accessories like phone, camera, bottled water and sometimes parked food, water proof jackets are also a must pack for a gorilla safari in either countries.

On your gorilla tracking date, you must walk up very early in the morning to first enjoy your breakfast in the dining room with other trekkers before you depart to the park headquarters to receive short briefings from the park wardens or senior ranger guides about the whole process of gorilla tracking. Here you will be assigned to the gorilla group to visit and also the ranger guide, the ranger guide will also brief you about that gorilla family to trek, how many members, silverback, babies, park history and in case of any question you are free to ask your guide. After, you will have to escort him to the forest to meet our cousins who shares almost 97% of human genes, in case you need a porter you can hire one at the park headquarters at a fee of usd$20. They help to carry your bag, walking stick, and thy can also carry you in case you feel tired. The range guide will inform you ounce you are about to meet these apes as they can simply tell through their dung, nest and their cries, you must follow the guide’s instructions and you should remain in a tight group ounce in the forest. Although they look tough, gorillas are the friendliest animals, watch them as well as studding their behaviors, photography is allowed although a flash camera is not allowed. Tracking time is unpredictable, it can go from a half to full day passing through muddy forest, steep slopes, sting plants , so some levels of physical fitness is called for, however ounce you meet these apes you will forget all the troubles you’ve gone through and utilize the one hour you strictly allowed to stay with these endangered apes, after the activity you will head back to the park headquarters to receive a certificate of participation in the gorilla tracking activity, from here, you will be picked-up by your guide who will drive you back to the lodge.

Depends on your budget, you can trek twice, trek gorillas of Uganda (Bwindi impenetrable national park and then you cross to Rwanda (volcanoes national park) for a long life experience. With us (Maranatha tours and travel we are very ready to organize your gorilla safari in either countries at a very friendly price) book with us we will get back to you swiftly.

The astonishing wildlife experience in Uganda

Wildlife tours is one of Uganda’s best selling adventures when it comes to tourism and this is because of its numerous wild animals found in its national parks. Although less marketed compared to gorilla trekking, a game drive through some of this East African country’s parks is a life-changing experience especially for visitors interested in viewing the various wild animals. It’s now on record that the country hosts one of the highest number of tourists in the region and wildlife is one of the contributing factors to this development. Many people currently travel from their respective countries to this “pearl of Africa” with an aim of having a live look at some its hard-to find mammals. Many of them prefer going to the jungle in pop-up 4×4 wheel drive safari vehicles so that they can have a better aerial view of the animals as they graze in the plains.The astonishing wildlife experience in Uganda

But what is so special with Wildlife in Uganda?

It should be marked that all East African countries have wild animals but there are strong reasons why tourists prefer visiting Uganda compared to others. One of them is that there is a greater chance of encountering the wild animals on a day game drive while in a Ugandan park. This is because of the way the national parks where these mammals are found are organized. The water points give the best point for meeting these animals especially during the day when they gather around them trying to sip some water. Also the plains where different animals mostly the herbivores offer a prefer view of the grazing wild animals like the elephants, zebras, giraffes, Ugandan kobs and many more. The second reason is that Uganda’s national Parks are easily accessible with well demarcated roads/tracks through them giving tourists the best chance to move to the most crucial areas in the park where the animals spend most of their time. It is not common in Uganda for visitors to drive through the park without encountering the wild animals. The third reason is that this Pearl of Africa harbors a very wide range of different mammal species among which are those which cannot be found elsewhere. The uniqueness of some mammals act as a strong attracting factor to both researchers and nature lovers. Some of the rare wild animals in Uganda like the Ugandan Kobs attract people from different countries who come specifically to look at them in their natural habitat.

Some of the wild animals a visitors should expect to see while on a Uganda wildlife tour include; lions,leopards,elephants,giraffes,kobs,zebras,antelopes,buffaloes,wildebeests,cheetahs,rhinos,hippos and more, mongoose, ratel, African civet, caracal cat, black backed jackal, otters, African hunting dog, spotted hyenas and many more.

In Uganda, there are places which are best for wildlife experience and these include; – Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley national Park, Queen Elizabeth NP and Murchison Falls National Park. These parks are well gazatted for visitors to go and tour and they are well protected from poachers. One should not fear anything while on a Wildlife Safari to Uganda simply because he/she is well protected from the mammals and well guided to see that he gets the best adventure of his life.

Best time to go gorilla tracking to Uganda

Best time to go gorilla tracking to UgandaGorilla tracking can be done throughout the year depending on traveler’s interest; however, the dry season is the best time for trekking Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks since the hikes are not muddy and are passable. The drier seasons are between December and February, and from about June to mid-September, this is generally the best time to visit Rwanda if you have the choice. The hiking itself can be more tough in the rainy seasons from April – May and in November.

Uganda is one of the 3 countries where gorillas are found and according to last year’s findings,this Eat African country has the largest number of these rear primates with an estimate of 400 and above.It is this reason why many trackers from different countries jet into the country to have a glance at them in their natural habitats.

Once a tourists visit where the gorillas are found,it is a done deal since they are easily viewed roaming around the whole area.However,walking through thick rainforests in search for the apes may be requires at times.Trust me, a walk through the forest is unforgettable because you stand a chance of encountering other primates and wild animals.

But before one is allowed to track the gorillas,he/she is required to obtain a gorilla tracking permit which authorizes him/her to see the primates.These permits are issues by Uganda Wildlife Authority at their offices in Kamwokya,a Kampala suburb.To avoid inconveniences,tourists find it wise to book with a tour company so that they are helped to book for the permits in time.It is advised to book for the permits at least 6 weeks to the date of travel so as to enable the tour company plan for your safari well. To book for an adventurous gorilla tracking safari to Uganda,visit..

Tourism Uganda gets a boost – Uganda tourism News

The Tourism industry of Uganda is all smiles following the recently concluded seminar attended by various delegates agreed to come up with new ways of marketing the tourism fraternities to the rest of the world. This came just two weeks after both sectors of Uganda and Rwanda agreed to market their tourism as a single destination. It is believed that once more efforts are incorporated in marketing of the industry, the number of visitors to Uganda will double starting from next year.Tourism Uganda gets a boost – Uganda tourism News

Uganda is one of the leading tourism destinations in Africa and many people travel to this adventurous country simply to have a closer look at what they usually read in books and on internet. On their safari to this East Africa, they get surprised with what they find especially when they cross over to any of the 10 National parks which are full of different natural wonders. The reason why visitors keep on flocking the country every year is because of the hard-to find natural wonders which are breathtaking.

While in this “pearl of Africa’ one is assured of enjoying numerous magnificent tourism activities and these are hard to forget. Some of them are;- mountain gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, nature walks, cultural trips, game viewing, hiking safaris, city tours and many more. All these can easily be carried out and they arranged depending on the visitor’s wish.

With less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world, Uganda is lucky to have the largest number of these primates with over 50% of the total world’s population. Tracking these elegant apes has for quite many years stood out as the leading tourism export and it is the leading revenue generator to the government. If you have never tracked the gorillas in their natural habitats, well, a safari to Uganda is the best trip for you. It guarantees one a classic journey full of amazing natural wonders including the rare wild animals.

The virgin wilderness of Kidepo valley national park

Location of the park

The park is one of the most spectacular parks occupying about 1,442 square kilometer. The park offers good walking safaris as well as day and night dives. It is located in Uganda’s remote North-Eastern corner between the boarders with Sudan and Kenya.It ranks as among Africa’s finest wilderness.Kidepo valley has a semi – arid climate with just one rainy season per year.The virgin wilderness of Kidepo valley national park

How to get there

The park can be accessed by both road and air.

By road

There are four possible routes by road: Routes via Mbale pass to the east of Lake Kyoga to reach Northern Uganda; routes via Karuma pass to the west.

Kampala-Mbale-Soroti- Kidepo, a distance of 792 Kilometers.

Kampala-Mbale-Sironko- Kotido- Kaabong- Kidepo, a distance of 740 Kilometers.

Kampala-Karuma-Lira-Kotido-Kidepo, a distance of 705 Kilometers.

Kampala-Karuma-Gulu-Kitgum-Kidepo, a distance of 571 Kilometers.

By Air

The park can be accessed by Air by a charter flight from Kampala to Apoka airstrip. The charter flights to Kidepo may be arranged from Kampala (Kajjansi), Kampala Aero club, or Entebbe with Eagle Aviation. Flights take about two hours.

Tourism activities in Kidepo valley National park

Guided Nature Walk

The Guided walks are conducted to the Karimajong homesteads also called Manyattas and perhaps the Kraals to see traditional costume, Speers headdress, knives, bows and arrows as well as jewelry.

Game Drives

The park is blessed to be one of the country’s concentrations of the big mammals including buffaloes, elephants, cheetahs, Buffalos, lions, leopards small antelopes including reed duiker, reed buck, klipspringer, dik-dik, warthogs. Tree climbing lions can also be seen in the park.

Bird watching

If you are interested in bird watching, well, the park is well gifted with a number of bird species including the ostrich found nowhere else but Kidepo valley national park. Other commonly seen birds include, harmmer kop, white stork, Abyssinian Hornbills, a hammer kop, guinea fowl, a number of plovers and the Jackson’s Hornbill.

Hiking and scenery viewing

Hiking is carried out on Lamoj Mountains and at Kidepo Valley.You may also visit the Kanangorok hot spring which lies about 11 kms from Kidepo valley.

Accommodation in the park

Within the park, accommodation can be got at Apoka Safari Lodge, Apoka rest camp, kakine self –catering campsite. Outside the park, accommodation can be got and Nga Moru wilderness camp.

Apoka Safari lodge

The rooms at Apoka are built with very much confort.Everything is handmade by local craftsmen and have 10 wide rooms with inside sitting rooms and private verandas with plenty of places to relax. There are big beds with soft comforters with mosquito nets, hand-woven woolen carpets, extra-large towels and oversized gowns. The swimming pool at Apoka lodge-deep and cool has been carved out of the big rock which makes you want to jump in, splashing and yelling.



Apoka rest camp

Apoka rest camp is one of the holy grails of safari, the kind of remote and little-visited place to which experienced safari travelers. The rest camp have private verandahs and outside baths. At the top of camp there is a lookout tower from which lion, elephant, buffalo and other game can often be spotted. Safari is by vehicle and on foot, plus night drives. Apoka lodge is one of the holy grails, the kind of remote and little-visited place to which experienced safari travelers are naturally attracted.

Local People

Most of the people bordering the park are Karamajong, a cattle keeping people who are adapting slowly to changes to their traditional way of life.